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When Do You Need an Employee Theft Attorney?

Employee theft is a major concern for many business owners today. It can have a major effect on profits and customer relations, cause an employee to face the possibility of being fired, and even have legal repercussions.

At what point would an individual need to consider working with an employee theft attorney?

In this article, we will consider what employee theft is, how business owners should approach a situation where they suspect employee theft, what employees should do if they are accused of theft, and how an employee theft attorney can help in either of these circumstances.

What is Employee Theft?

Employee theft can be defined as an employee who steals from their employer by taking goods, services, or other assets from the business illegally. In most cases, this occurs when an employee has access to the company’s inventory, cash, or certain acquisitions and uses that access without authorization or payment.

Employers should be cautious not to accuse employees of stealing without having sufficient evidence that such action took place. Otherwise, employers could face legal repercussions.

False Accusations of Employee Theft

Employees falsely accused of theft may feel like they have no way out. This is where an employee theft attorney can come in and help them defend themselves. An employee theft attorney will be familiar with how employers can be held accountable for wrongful termination or false criminal charges.

If you have been falsely accused of employee theft, it is essential that you contact an employee theft attorney right away. Your attorney will be able to investigate the situation and work closely with authorities to get charges dropped if warranted by evidence that proves your innocence.

Suspicions of Employee Theft in Your Company

An employee theft attorney can also assist employers who need help implementing policies to safeguard the business from employee theft.

There are many ways an employee might steal from their place of work, some of which can be very challenging to catch. Having someone outside the company review financial records can be helpful. An employee theft attorney can review documentation to see if there is anything suspicious occurring with one or more employees. They will also be able to help you implement stronger policies that prevent theft from happening again in the future.

Contact an Employee Theft Attorney in Atlanta, GA

Employee theft is a serious issue that can have a devastating impact on a company’s bottom line. Inaccurate accusations of theft can also have catastrophic consequences for employees and employers alike.

If you are involved in an employee theft situation or would like to safeguard yourself and your assets against future theft, contact the Atlanta, GA, employee theft attorneys at Hasson Law Group, LLP. We have expertise in all areas of business law and can guide you if you have been impacted by employee theft in any way.

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