Tax Exempt Organizations Legal Representation in Atlanta, GA

Tax, Corporate and Regulatory Matters for Tax Exempt Organizations, Their Supporters and Staff

Jim Hasson leads the Hasson Law Group’s representation of tax-exempt organizations and the individuals who create, support or serve them. These organizations and individuals are often impacted by federal governmental agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or, on the state level, by state attorneys general.

All tax-exempt organizations face a myriad of governmental regulations and other legal challenges, and those who wish to create or support these organizations confront a complex matrix of federal tax rules, charitable contribution solicitation regulations and other restrictions. Those who work for these organizations, in volunteer or compensated roles, are routinely under examination for violations of amorphous concepts of good governance principles, conflicts of interest, reasonable compensation limitations, fiduciary duties and similar legal concepts. But these organizations are non-profit in nature, seeking to reduce all costs of operation, including legal fees. At Hasson Law Group, LLP, we work to lessen the confusion, uncertainty, cost and complexity of these intrusions on efforts to improve our communities, institutions and nation. We also stand ready to resist unwarranted or unfair taxation, regulation or other governmental challenges.

Practice areas include:

  • Defense in IRS or Other Governmental Agency Audits
  • Formation, Reorganization or Merger of Charities and other types of Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Negotiating Grant Agreements, Contracts, Leases and Licenses for Tax-Exempt Entities
  • Evaluating Tax and Regulatory Implications of Financial Programmatic Strategies
  • Design and Implementation of Taxable Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures, and Other Business Arrangements for Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • Drafting of Beneficial Regulatory or Legislative Initiatives
  • Advising on Fiduciary Responsibilities of Board Members
  • Designing Legally-Complaint Lobbying and Political Campaign Activities
  • Identifying Estate Planning Alternatives for Philanthropists 

For decades, Jim Hasson previously provided these services while a partner in a well-respected international law firm. Now, Hasson Law Group can provide this same level of experience and expertise in a more efficient and effective manner, making it available to a wider range of organizations.

Representative issues:

  •  Successful avoidance of revocation of tax-exempt status for a charitable organization
  • Design and implementation of a medical research institute and related policy center, investment fund and endowment fund
  • Formation of a religious and educational organization operating outside of the United States
  • Formation of a United States charitable organization focused on the preservation of endangered animal species outside of the United States
  • Successful resolution of state attorney general investigation of the compensation practices of a private foundation
  • Design and implementation of trust arrangements to assure the eventual philanthropic use of the value of family businesses

Family Business Governance, Management and Operation

Drawing on both his legal experience and his involvement in a 100-year old family business begun by his grandfather, Jim Hasson seeks to assist the owners and managers of family businesses with legal matters of governance, management and operations. Among the many issues we can address effectively, we welcome opportunities to assist with the selection of the best form of organization, the formation and implementation of a business organization, reorganizations and mergers of businesses, governance and management transition, employment agreements, and the promotion of philanthropy using family business resources.

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