DEA Recordkeeping Violations in Atlanta, Georgia

Each practitioner in and around Atlanta must maintain inventories and records of controlled substances listed in Schedules I and II. These inventories and records must be maintained so that they are readily retrievable as business records.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is a part of the federal government tasked with investigating and monitoring all drug trafficking and drug crimes in the United States. If you or someone close to you is facing DEA recordkeeping violations in Atlanta, Georgia, our team of legal experts at Hasson Law Group LLP can help. We have years of experience working with the DEA and understand all of their laws and regulations.

How long does the DEA keep records?

The DEA requires that a new inventory is maintained at least every two years. This inventory should include whether it was taken at the beginning or close of business, the names of the controlled substances and their finished forms, the number of dosage units, the number of commercial containers, and information regarding the disposing of the controlled substances. To be DEA compliant, the controlled substances registrant or licensee is compliant with the Controlled Substance Act. Failure to be such will result in civil or criminal penalties.

What is a DEA Audit?

The DEA audits are fairly common and can be issued for many reasons. Inspections generally happen every three years or so. The DEA doesn’t need a warrant for a compliance investigation unless they teamed up with the FBI for a criminal investigation. If this is the case, then a search warrant must be drafted to carry out a search.

Seek legal advice as soon as you receive notice of a DEA audit. Our experienced DEA recordkeeping violations legal team can develop a strategy that protects your rights.

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