When You Receive a DEA Show Cause Order in Atlanta, Georgia

As a physician or health care provider, your ability to prescribe controlled substances for therapeutic use by your patients is an essential part of your practice. However, there are several circumstances under which you could receive a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) order to show cause, which would jeopardize your ability to prescribe these medications. Conflicts with Medicare or Medicaid, as well as misunderstandings involving certain practice acts, can lead to you receiving a DEA show cause order. If this should happen to you, the smart thing to do is to contact a DEA show cause attorney from the Hasson Law Group LLP of Atlanta, Georgia. Our professional legal staff will provide you with reliable legal guidance to protect your prescribing rights.

What a DEA Show Cause Order Entails      

If you have received a DEA show cause order, this means that the DEA has initiated a formal administrative proceeding to revoke, suspend, or fully deny your DEA registration. Your DEA registration is what gives you the legal right to prescribe controlled substances, so if this privilege is revoked, you can no longer do this. The first thing to do if you receive a show cause order is to thoroughly read the order and look for the source of the complaint or alleged violation. Also, look to see what the DEA offers you as the path to reinstating your registration.  You must respond to the order to show cause within 30 days, or your registration will be revoked. An experienced attorney can help you choose the best course of action.

How to Respond to a DEA Show Cause Order

When you’ve received a DEA show cause order, you can either ignore the order, in which case it will become final after 30 days, or you can request a hearing before an administrative law judge.  If you choose the latter, the judge will have a prehearing conference with you over the phone, where the hearing will be scheduled. At the hearing, there is no jury, but the DEA has its own government representation. The administrative law judge will then make the final decision about your case based on the evidence you present. 

Since these cases can be complex, hiring an expert attorney from the Hasson Law Group LLP of Atlanta, Georgia is the best way to ensure your voice in the matter is heard.

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If you’ve received a DEA show cause order, don’t jeopardize your professional health care practice by trying to handle it alone. Schedule a free consultation with a DEA show cause attorney in Atlanta, Georgia today. The Hasson Law Group LLP is dedicated to protecting your DEA registration and can be reached at (678) 701-2870. We look forward to hearing from you.

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