Insurance Coverage Attorney in Atlanta

There may come a time in your life where you require the assistance of an insurance coverage attorney. An insurance attorney from Hasson Law Group LLP is someone responsible for handling legal matters that relate to insurance laws and regulations. Insurance law can involve disputes and issues that arise from the sale, the use, and the payment of insurance policies, which may also include insurance bad faith as well as insurance fraud. Insurance coverage attorneys focus primarily on insurance contracts, their purpose being to evaluate what is covered by a given insurance policy, as well as up to what amount the coverage is meant for. If you have an insurance claim and your coverage is denied, you may need an Atlanta attorney to advocate for your interests. Consulting with an attorney will help protect you in this type of situation.

Insurance Recovery

The Hasson Law Group regularly represents policy holders in disputes with their insurance companies. We understand the complexities of insurance coverage law, and if your insurance company refuses to honor its obligations or denies a claim in bad faith, we stand ready to help you recover. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients. We have experience handling a wide variety of coverage disputes, including matters involving the following types of policies:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Director and Officer (“D&O”)
  • Errors and Omissions (“E&O”)
  • Commercial Property
  • Builders Risk
  • Professional Liability

Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars from insurance carriers on behalf of our clients. Often we are able to obtain a recovery for clients without ever having to file suit, but when the insurance company refuses to act reasonably, we stand ready to aggressively litigate to recover for our clients. We have experience in resolving insurance coverage disputes through mediation, arbitration and litigation.

In addition to litigating insurance coverage cases, we regularly advise clients in submitting claims and responding to requests for information and “reservation of rights” letters. Insurance coverage issues are complex, and often a successful recovery

depends on building the appropriate record. We therefore encourage clients to engage separate coverage counsel early in any dispute involving an insurance policy.

Insurance Claims Denied Attorney

When you find that you have insurance claims denied, expert attorney representation will come in handy. An attorney who is advocating for your position in this type of case may mean the difference between success or failure, not only in the courtroom but also in a situation where you are discussing settlement before court takes place as well. Insurance companies are nearly always represented, and so if you are going to go up against a large insurance company in a litigation setting, you are going to want to make sure that you have the same level of representation. Why would you risk going up against an insurance company in an administrative hearing or a court setting without someone advocating for you? If your insurance claim has been denied, make sure that you have an attorney on your side. The Hasson Law Group LLP can help.

Dealing with the “Why My Insurance Claim Was Denied” Problem

There are many satisfied clients who can attest to the fact that they did not know what was going on with their insurance claim denial until they found a competent, skilled attorney to help them with the case. “I didn’t know why my insurance claim was denied until I was represented, and then the insurance company talked to me,” is a common response that represented clients tell us, because insurance companies are more likely to speak to, and settle with, attorneys than they are unrepresented parties.

It can be difficult to struggle with insurance claims being denied and to struggle with insurance companies that refuse to communicate with you. If this is a problem you are currently dealing with, consulting with an attorney may be your only option. Sit down with a skilled insurance claim attorney today to find out what your options are, and how you can proceed from this point going forward. It may be that you just need to know what your rights and your options are. Give us a call today at the Hasson Law Group, LLP by dialing (678) 701-2869 to find out how we can help you with the problems you are facing. We want to make sure that you don’t have to struggle with this problem any longer.

Representative Cases:

  • When our client was sued by a former joint venture partner, our client’s Errors and Omissions (“E&O”)  carrier refused to provide a defense, forcing our client to incur over half a million dollars defending itself in the underlying lawsuit.  After assisting the client resolve the underlying suit, our lawyers filed suit against the E&O carrier to recover the costs of defending the underlying suit.  After we persuaded the Court that the insurance company had breached its duty to defend the client in the underlying litigation, the case then settled for a confidential amount.
  • We successfully represented a business in a dispute with its general commercial liability carrier arising out of the long term use of an environmental contaminant in the regular course of business, which was released into the environment, exposing the business to potential claims from surrounding property owners and requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in soil and water remediation.  After the insurance carrier refused to provide coverage for the loss, we filed suit and were able to obtain a substantial recovery for the client.
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