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James K. Hasson, Jr.

Jim Hasson has joined the firm begun by his son, Keith, to pursue a vision of a better arrangement for the service of family businesses, tax-exempt organizations and the individuals and organizations that enable these businesses and non-profit organizations to function. Jim has moved his practice to Hasson Law Group, LLP, to design a more efficient and effective means for providing much-needed legal services to these organizations.

Tax Exempt Organizations

Jim moved to Hasson Law Group, LLP after spending his entire earlier legal career at Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP, a global law firm with offices in Atlanta, Washington, New York and elsewhere. During those earlier years, Jim was engaged in a wide variety of legal services, and he now provides those same sorts of services to clients of Hasson Law Group, LLP. In addition, Jim has worked as a board member or officer of a wide variety of business and non-profit organizations and has served as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Emory University School of Law for some 20 years. These roles have added to his understanding of the functioning of these organizations and the founders, executives, supporters and staff who do the hard work of implementing grand visions and mission statements. Jim has also been actively engaged in bar association and continuing education work, further adding to his base of knowledge and experience.

Business Transactions

Building on his long-term involvement with family businesses, Jim has experience in advising individuals and businesses about a wide variety of business transactions, ranging from business formation to business sales and purchases, of both the asset and equity varieties. These transactions require attention to corporate, tax, regulatory and other laws affecting the particular businesses involved. These sorts of transactions are also sometimes challenged by regulatory and taxation agencies, and Jim has experience in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and other governmental organizations that initiate tax, compliance or other administrative proceedings.

Some of these activities outside of direct service to clients include service as chairman of the board of directors of House-Hasson Hardware Company, a wholesale hardware distributor founded over 100 years ago by Jim’s grandfather; chairman of the board of trustees of Reinhardt University, a Methodist educational institution in North Georgia; chairman of the board of trustees of the Metropolitian Atlanta Crime Commission, a citizens’ organization focused on reduction of the causes and instances of crime in the community; chairman of the board of trustees of First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta; director of the Gary and Mary West Health Institute, a medical research organization based in La Jolla, California; and chairman of the Rocky Mountain Tax Seminar for Private Foundations, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Jim is a graduate of Duke University, for both his undergraduate and law degrees, and is a committed supporter of that institution in both its academic and athletic programs.


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