A DEA Disputes Attorney Can Help You with Due Process Issues in Atlanta, Georgia

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is a powerful federal agency that enforces the laws and regulations pertaining to the prescription and sale of controlled substances. It can investigate healthcare professionals and facilities suspected of violating its laws, and can even perform searches without a warrant in certain cases. However, this does not mean that you, as a health care professional, don’t have rights.

If you’re involved in a DEA investigation and are concerned that your rights are being violated, you need to hire legal representation. The experienced legal staff at the Hasson Law Group LLP of Atlanta, Georgia understand all DEA’s laws and regulations and the limits under which they must operate. With our help, you can ensure that your rights are not violated during an inspection.

DEA Diversion Control

When the DEA suspects a healthcare practitioner or facility of drug diversion – the illegal trafficking or use of controlled substances – it will conduct a thorough investigation that can include anything from agents working undercover as “patients” to actual FBI raids of facilities.  This can damage the practitioner’s reputation and even expose them to negative media publicity.  Those who are accused of drug diversion may also be in danger of losing their professional license, or even be charged with criminal activity.

If you’re a practitioner who believes is being investigated by the DEA, it’s crucial for you to hire an attorney as soon as you can. A skilled DEA due process attorney, like one from the Hasson Law Group LLP of Atlanta, Georgia, can protect your practice and your professional reputation.

DEA Registration Process

The DEA registration process for obtaining a DEA license to prescribe controlled substances has changed during recent years. As of January 1, 2017, there is no grace period for renewing DEA registrations, and physicians and other healthcare professionals will only receive one notice of renewal. Additionally, if a registrant fails to renew their license, they’ll have to start over with a new application.

The rules that govern the DEA registration process are stricter than ever, so if you’ve been involved in an investigation of your facility (or are undergoing one now) and it’s time for your DEA license renewal, hiring legal representation may be a good move. The Hasson Law Group LLP of Atlanta, Georgia has the resources to help you comply with the DEA registration process and ensure that your license and prescribing rights are up-to-date.

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If you’re a prescriber of controlled substances who has been dealing with the DEA, call to schedule a free consultation with a DEA disputes attorney in Atlanta, Georgia today. The Hasson Law Group LLP of Atlanta, Georgia offers the expertise you need to comply with all DEA rules and regulations and ensure that your rights are not violated. Contact us today at (678) 701-2870 and let us give you legal advice you can rely on.


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