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How Can You Deal with an LLC Dispute in Atlanta, GA?

More and more business owners are choosing to launch their startups as a limited liability companies (LLC). As they grow in popularity, disputes will become more common. A business litigation attorney can help you to avoid and resolve disputes before they become too big to handle.

This post will discuss how to prevent LLC disputes, the options for resolving conflicts that have already arisen, and how a business attorney can provide valuable assistance in either scenario.

Preventing LLC Disputes

LLC disputes can arise for various reasons, from poor communication to deliberate actions by members. Whatever the cause, the best way to deal with an LLC dispute is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

A seasoned business attorney can help avoid potential causes for disputes before they occur. One way is by helping you draft an operating agreement so that all members agree to specific terms before joining the LLC. These agreements typically include provisions for setting up business operations and detailing how profits are divided among members. You should evaluate your operating agreement regularly to update it as the company develops.

Other ways to prevent LLC disputes include:

  • Keeping good records. Good record-keeping can protect you and provide evidence if needed in court cases or legal actions related to your LLC.
  • Holding regular meetings. Ensure that all members are present so that everyone gets a chance to provide input on important issues like hiring employees or making major purchases that equally affect everyone.
  • Creating a buy-out plan. Document the procedure for purchasing the shares of a member who leaves due to retirement, disability, or any other cause.

Ways LLC Disputes Can Be Resolved

But what if you are in a situation where an LLC dispute is already underway? A qualified business attorney can help LLC businesses resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation:

  • Negotiation. Your attorney will help negotiate with your opponent to reach a mutually beneficial solution for both parties.
  • Mediation. A mediator can help you find common ground with other parties involved in your business, so they can work out problems without resorting to litigation.
  • Litigation. Litigation is the formal process of resolving disputes through the court. Having a skillful business litigation attorney on your side is critical because they will assist you in preparing for trial and will fight to ensure your rights and interests are upheld.

Contact a Business Litigation Attorney in Atlanta

LLC disputes can be resolved quickly and efficiently with the proper legal guidance.

Hasson Legal Group, LLP assists businesses in Atlanta, GA, in handling legal issues such as LLC disputes. Our attorneys have considerable experience resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation, and effective litigation in state and federal courts.

Whether you are taking a proactive route to prevent an LLC dispute, or are currently facing one, call us at (678) 701-2869 to learn what we can do to help you get positive results.

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