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Insurance Coverage Disputes: How Can They Arise and How Can an Attorney Help?

An insurance coverage dispute is when you disagree with your insurance company about whether they should pay for your claim.

This often happens because the insurance company tries to avoid paying out on a claim. They may say that something is not covered under your policy or that you didn’t demonstrate proper care and maintenance of the property.

Do not allow the insurance company to talk you into settling on their terms without consulting an attorney first. You need someone to help you ensure your rights are protected and that you get what is rightfully yours.

Reasons Insurance Companies May Use to Avoid Sufficient Payment

In general, insurance companies will try to avoid paying out on claims if they can. They have a lot of money invested in their policies and want to protect that investment. There are many reasons they may use to deny payment or offer less than what you are owed; here are some common examples:

  • The damage was not a covered risk under the terms of your policy
  • The damage was caused by an intentional act, such as vandalism or arson
  • You didn’t report the incident to your insurance company within a specified timeframe (typically 30 days)
  • You did not follow the terms of your policy or rules set by the insurance company
  • Your claim was not filed properly
  • The damage occurred at a location that was not covered by your policy

How Will Your Attorney Help in an Insurance Coverage Dispute?

Your insurance coverage dispute attorney will take several steps to help you resolve it. First, they will review your contract with the insurance company and determine whether the policy covers your claim. If it does, they will examine any exclusions in the policy to ensure that they do not apply to your situation.

Next, if there is no coverage under the policy, your attorney will file a third-party claim against another entity that may be responsible for your injuries. They may also use this opportunity to file a lawsuit against the other party on behalf of the injured client.

If there is coverage under the policy but limited by exclusions, your attorney will negotiate a settlement between you and the insurance company to resolve any dispute over how much money should be paid out by them.

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