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Why Choose an Atlanta Non-Profit Lawyer?

Non-profit corporations are different from profit corporations and organizations in many ways, and the legal issues that arise can be different as well. Hiring an Atlanta non-profit lawyer from the Hasson Law Group, LLP to help with all of those issues ensures that the details are not missed. While a lawyer with corporate experience may be able to manage many of the issues that might arise, they won’t have the experience to handle some aspects. That’s why hiring a professional lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia who deals with non-profit organizations will mean that they are prepared for your issues.

Understanding Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations cannot operate for profit. Non-profit businesses are not subject to income taxes and there are a variety of state laws that apply to non-profit organizations while others do not. Understanding how these laws about non-profit organizations affect the organization is essential to being able to do business. An Atlanta non-profit lawyer is going to be able to help these businesses and organizations stay within the law and stay on track when it comes to many of the legal functions of the organization.

When to Hire a Non-Profit Attorney for Your Case

In some cases, hiring an Atlanta non-profit lawyer is a forgotten step now that there are many ways to start a business online. It often becomes very clear that a lawyer should have been hired when something happens to derail the organization. The best time to hire a lawyer is when the concept of starting the non-profit organization or business comes to light. This allows the organization to start on the right footing and allows the lawyer to put into place a solid foundation for the business to grow on.

Being involved from the start means that one of our lawyers will be very familiar with all aspects of the organization set-up allowing them to better manage any difficulties that might arise. We are able to see potential issues that might arise and advise the involved parties on how to handle certain aspects of the business as they go along, ensuring that the organization is protected properly as it grows. Seek the help of the professionals at the Hasson Law Group, LLP to start your non-profit organization by calling us at 678-701-2869.

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