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Hiring an Atlanta Non-Solicitation Clause Attorney

If you are hiring new staff members, you want to be sure that your clients and customers remain yours even if the staff member leaves your business. This makes it important that you work with an Atlanta non-solicitation clause attorney to create an agreement that will provide you the security your business needs to grow and maintain the client base that it has. There are a number of ways and details that could be implemented into the non-solicitation agreement, and you want to be sure that it is done correctly with no loop-holes or possible exits from the agreement. This is where  legal help from the Hasson Law Group, LLP comes to play.

The Advantage of a Non-Solicitation Clause

When you hire an Atlanta non-solicitation clause attorney, he or she will ask you details about the business that you run, your clients or customers, and the type of staff members that you feel the clause should apply to. It may be that it is only appropriate for certain types of staff members such as other professionals in the office and not the clerical staff. The more information that you can provide, the more detailed the agreement can be. The agreement may be a combination of a non-compete agreement and a non-solicitation agreement. This will depend on your particular situation and the needs of your business. Our team of non-solicitation clause attorneys can help decide what works best for you.

Why Hire a Lawyer in Georgia?

An Atlanta non-solicitation clause attorney will have the necessary experience to know what questions to ask, what details are necessary, and what language should be in the agreement to fully protect you from losing clients or customers if your staff leaves and pursues other professions of the same type. While you may certainly be able to put together a document that works as an agreement, a document created just for you, your business and your staff will be more effective and appropriate in nature.

One of the advantages of having this agreement prepared for your business is that you will be able to freely and comfortably hire your staff members knowing that your business will be protected from the competition or from staff breaking out on their own. Don’t wait to learn more about how this can help your business. Call the Hasson Law Group, LLP today to discuss your situation with a professional non-solicitation clause attorney at 678-701-2869.

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