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Shareholder and Investor Disputes: Where Can You Turn for a Resolution?

In the business world, shareholder and investor disputes can be an all-too-common occurrence, causing those involved to feel unsure of what steps to take.

At Hasson Law Group, LLP, we understand that these disputes can have a significant impact on your business—and we are here to help you get through it. We know how important it is to protect your company’s reputation and finances, which is why we have built a record as one of the best law firms in Atlanta for business litigation.

You do not have to face legal challenges alone—we have the expertise and experience needed to help resolve these disputes quickly and efficiently while protecting your interests at every turn.

How Shareholder and Investor Disputes May Arise

Shareholder and investor disputes can be complex and challenging to resolve. These conflicts often arise when a company’s management or board of directors fails to meet its fiduciary responsibilities, which can result in financial losses for investors. Shareholder and investor disputes may also arise from disagreements regarding the value of your company’s stock, whether it should be sold or distributed to employees as part of a compensation package or incentive plan, or whether a company should be sold or taken public. Other common shareholder and investor disputes include:

  • Investor disagreements over the value of company stock
  • Shareholder disagreements with management regarding compensation, including stock options and other forms of equity
  • Shareholder disputes over whether a company should be sold or taken public.
  • Shareholder disputes over the appointment or removal of directors and officers

How Can a Skilled Business Attorney Help Companies Resolve Shareholder or Investor Disputes?

A business attorney can help you resolve shareholder or investor disputes in several ways:

  • The attorney will investigate your business dispute to determine its cause and appropriate resolution. This may include interviewing company management, as well as other shareholders or investors involved in the dispute. The attorney may also research relevant corporate law principles that apply to your situation.
  • A skilled business lawyer will negotiate with opposing parties on your behalf to reach an equitable resolution to the dispute.
  • If the parties cannot resolve through negotiation, your attorney can represent you in arbitration or court proceedings.

The attorney may also advise on how to prepare for these legal proceedings and manage them effectively.

Contact Hasson Law Group, LLP For Skilled Shareholder and Investor Dispute Resolution in Atlanta, GA

The attorneys at Hasson Law Group, LLP are highly skilled in shareholder and investor dispute resolution. Our firm has decades of experience representing investors and companies in corporate law matters, including shareholder disputes. We have a proven performance record of helping our clients resolve complex business disputes quickly and efficiently.

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