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Securities Litigation in Atlanta: Get Help for Your High-Stakes Case

Businesses often face securities litigation, a type of legal action brought by shareholders or other shareholders representing a group of shareholders against a company or its officers and directors.

If your company faces securities litigation, it means that one or more of your shareholders has filed a complaint against your company in court. These complaints can be based on various issues, including financial mismanagement and company officers’ or directors’ misrepresentation.

This type of business litigation can be very complicated and often requires the assistance of a special kind of attorney: a securities litigator. Securities litigators specialize in this area and know how to handle these cases effectively.

If you are involved in securities litigation and need help from a securities litigator, you should contact an experienced securities litigation attorney as soon as possible.

What Types of Complaints May Be Involved with Securities Litigation?

There are different types of complaints that can involve securities litigation. Some examples include:

  • Securities fraud. Committed by someone who intentionally provides false information about a company’s assets or earnings to make money off the investment
  • Insider trading. Occurs when an individual uses nonpublic information about a company for their benefit
  • Market manipulation. Refers to a person or group of people controlling the supply and demand to influence prices
  • Pump and dump schemes. Used by groups of investors who buy up large amounts of shares in a company before spreading negative information about it to the public

How Can a Skilled Business Litigation Attorney Help You If You’re a Victim of Securities Fraud?

If you have been injured by securities fraud, getting in touch with a business litigation attorney who can help you know your legal rights and available options is important. Your attorney can also explain how securities fraud occurs and damages may be available to you if the court finds that you were wronged by this type of illegal activity.

How Can a Skilled Business Litigation Attorney Defend You If You’re Accused of Securities Fraud?

If you are facing a securities fraud lawsuit, working with an experienced attorney who understands the complex regulations that govern this area of law is important. Your lawyer can help you:

  • Understand the charges against you
  • Determine whether there is any way to defend against those charges
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to try to reduce the charges against you or secure a plea bargain
  • Help you build a solid defense for your case
  • Make sure that all of your rights are protected during the legal process
  • Prepare for court hearings or trial dates

Contact Atlanta Business Litigation Attorneys About Your Securities Litigation Concerns

If you are facing securities litigation, you may wonder what to do next. At Hasson Law Group, LLP, we understand that securities litigation can be highly complex, high stakes, and stressful.

Contact us today at (678) 701-2869 and let us start the process of putting this matter behind you.

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