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Hire a Pharmacy Fraud Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

As a pharmacist, you value the professional license for which you’ve worked so hard.  Compound medications are carefully formulated to serve the specific needs of patients, and this type of prescription is now more popular than ever.  As a result, this innovative type of pharmacy is now scrutinized by various law enforcement agencies, and sometimes when accusations are made, careers are impaired.  If your pharmacy is being investigated for compound pharmacy fraud, you need skilled legal representation.  The Hasson Law Group, LLP of Atlanta, Georgia offers you the kind of expert legal advice and guidance you need. 

Types of Pharmacy Fraud  

There are many types of pharmacy fraud for which a compounding pharmacy may be investigated.  Medicare and Medicaid fraud is prevalent in almost every healthcare setting, and while some billing errors are innocently made, federal and state agencies like the FBI and the DEA are always on the lookout for fraud.  Compounded medications are often new and may not yet be approved.  The regulations that govern the manufacturing process of these medicines are dynamic and evolving, and misunderstandings that lead to legal problems may occur. 

Penalties for Pharmacy Fraud 

The criminal penalties for any form of pharmacy fraud can be staggeringly high.  Violations of the False Claims Act can lead to many years of imprisonment or even fines of millions of dollars for more serious offenses.  Since computer analytic methods are often used by law enforcement agencies to investigate fraud, things can easily go wrong.  That’s why you need an attorney who is experienced in this field of law.  The Hasson Law Group, LLP gives you the benefit of this experience. 

Call to Schedule a Consultation with a Pharmacy Fraud Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia Today 

If you are facing charges of pharmacy fraud, call to schedule a consultation with a pharmacy fraud attorney in Atlanta, Georgia today.  The professional legal staff at Hasson Law Group LLP will answer any questions you may have about your case and are well-equipped to help you through this challenging time.  Don’t wait. Call us now at 678-701-2869 and let us be your expert legal advocates.

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