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Compound Pharmacy Legal Representation in Atlanta

Compounding pharmacies create pharmaceuticals that doctors prescribe for patients who have medical needs that commercially accessible medications can’t fulfill.

This is a helpful service for many individuals. Compounding medications can allow pharmacists to prepare creams for patients who can’t take their prescriptions by mouth. Compound pharmacists can cut prescription doses for infants and children or customize drugs to meet the needs of patients with allergies.

As the use of compounded pharmaceuticals grows, the government’s focus on possible compounding pharmacy fraud has also grown.

What is Compound Pharmacy Fraud?

Compound pharmacy fraud is a form of healthcare fraud that can include:

  • Providing healthcare practitioners with kickbacks in exchange for referrals
  • Charging for unnecessary products
  • Providing unlawful refills
  • Producing and charging for items that are comparable to commercially available treatments
  • Fraudulent use of government healthcare systems such as Medicare or Medicaid
  • Falsifying records

Compound pharmacies that participate in any of these actions, whether unintentionally or on purpose, can be investigated, prosecuted, and penalized for compound pharmacy fraud.

How Serious is a Compound Pharmacy Charge?

Those involved may be required to pay restitution and fines if they are convicted of fraudulent activity. They might be federally prosecuted and sentenced to up to 10 years in jail.

If a compound pharmacy is accused of fraud, everyone involved in the illegal operation can be prosecuted separately. Nurse practitioners, managers, salespeople, and individual pharmacists can all be included.

How a Skilled Compound Pharmacy Fraud Lawyer Can Assist You

You may be able to escape harsh consequences—heavy fines and prison terms—if you have a qualified compound pharmacy attorney on your side. Your lawyer may be able to work with the prosecutor to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed entirely.

If you are the target of a compound pharmacy investigation, it is vital that you retain the services of an attorney who has expertise defending clients in similar situations. Hasson Law Group LLP’s attorneys are well-versed in compounded pharmacy fraud laws and know how to utilize them to argue for you in and out of court.

These experienced lawyers can help you avoid being wrongly convicted of a crime you did not commit.

Consult Hasson Law Group LLC for Compound Pharmacy Legal Representation

Compound pharmacy fraud is a severe offense that the federal government sanctions with both civil and criminal consequences. Rather than facing a fraud inquiry on your own, you can safeguard your business, reputation, money, and freedom by retaining the services of a qualified compounding pharmacy attorney from Hasson Law Group LLP.

If the federal government is investigating you for compound pharmacy fraud, the first thing you should do is call the trustworthy, experienced compound pharmacy lawyers at Hasson Law Group LLP. An attorney will work with your case and know how to respond to any complaints leveled against you. Contact us at (678) 701-2869 to speak with one of our highly qualified attorneys.

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