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White Collar Crime Charges Defense in Atlanta, Georgia

When you find yourself accused of a white-collar crime in or around Atlanta, you need legal help by your side. By hiring an experienced white-collar crimes charges defense attorney from Hasson Law Group LLP, you can ensure that your legal rights and your businesses are always protected. Our reputation is known for representing individuals in white-collar crime cases throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. We understand the different types of white-collar crimes and have attorneys that specialize in each type and area of law surrounding each of them. 

Benefits of Hiring a Wire Fraud Attorney

A wire fraud attorney from our Georgia law firm is one type of white collar crime attorney who can help you with your legal situation. This legal expert specializes in wire fraud crimes, which involves using telephone, radio, or television transmission crossing state lines to steal something. This is a federal crime, and if you are accused of it, you need an experienced attorney by your side who understands the law.

The Benefits of an SEC Violation Attorney

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) violations are another serious issue. If you have been accused of violating guidelines set forth by the SEC, you need to have an attorney who can advocate for you by your side with these violations. An SEC violation attorney will help you to fight your case with ease.

Schedule a Free Legal Consultation in Atlanta Georgia With a White-Collar Crimes Charges Defense Attorney Today

At Hasson Law Group, LLP, we offer free legal consultations in our Atlanta law office where we can discuss white collar crimes such as mail fraud or civil asset forfeiture situations. During this conversation, we learn about the details of your case and answer your questions about the upcoming legal process ahead. To schedule this important consultation today, call our law office at (678) 701-2869.

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