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When Do I Need a Professional License Lawyer?

Licensing is a complicated process that should not be taken lightly. The consequences of licensing issues can have a negative impact on your career and other areas of your life. If you are looking for legal assistance in this area, hiring an attorney who specializes in professional licensing matters is the best decision you can make.

These attorneys will guide you through the licensing process and ensure that all steps are completed correctly. They also understand how complex this process can be and how it can change based on your specific circumstances.

What is a Professional License Attorney?

A professional license attorney’s primary responsibility is to safeguard an individual’s professional licensure and ability to work in their field. Regulatory boards supervise license approvals along with disciplinary procedures taken against licensees suspected of criminal activity or professional misconduct. In these cases, license holders are represented by professional license-defense attorneys.

Reasons Licensing Issues May Occur

Professionals in the healthcare area, as well as other professions such as real estate, contracting, finance, and engineering, are subject to licensing discipline in a variety of situations. The following are some serious license issues that may warrant professional license representation:

  • Board discipline in connection with fraud
  • Board hearings in connection with ethical breaches
  • License suspension due to a criminal charge or conviction
  • License suspension due to a DUI
  • Suspicion of drug use or illegal prescribing

In addition, when an applicant for a license is refused licensure, a professional licensing attorney can help in appealing that decision. Finally, if a former licensee wishes to re-enter their industry after having their license suspended or revoked, they can petition the proper board for reinstatement through an expert professional licensing legal counsel.

How a Professional Licensing Representative Can Help

An experienced, capable lawyer will have faced professional licensing boards and courts before. They’ll be able to secure you better conditions for your case and possibly shorter suspension periods. Furthermore, an expert attorney will prepare you for any board appearances by helping you know what to say at hearings. This type of specialized counsel is highly beneficial, and it ensures that you get the best results in your case.

Hasson Law Group LLP’s attorneys can address every level of the license investigation process. From the time your case starts until its resolution, we will fight on your behalf for your professional license. Our Atlanta, GA attorneys can help you with:

  • Data collection
  • Representing your interests during investigative hearings
  • Providing confidential feedback
  • Reducing the risk of damage to your reputation
  • Appealing unfavorable rulings

Contact Hasson Law Group LLP if Your License is in Jeopardy

Finding a competent and trustworthy license attorney is important because the terms of your license are likely to be very complex. Professional license representation from Hasson Law Group LLP helps ensure that you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to legal repercussions. We have years of training on the specific laws that govern the industries in which our clients work, and experience in going before the professional licensing boards on behalf of professionals.

If your professional license is in jeopardy, contact Hasson Law Group LLC at 678-701-2869 for a consultation.

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