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Trusting an Atlanta 501C3 Lawyer To Help

Non-profit organizations, often referred to as charitable organizations, are tax exempt in many instances. However, understanding the rules related to the process of applying for exemption status with the Internal Revenue Service can be complicated to say the least. Hiring an Atlanta 501C3 lawyer can provide you with the legal help that you need to get the application approved. In order to be qualified as exempt, the organization must meet certain criteria. It is vital that the organization meet these requirements and that the application is completed in a timely manner and accurately.

Allow Our Atlanta Legal Professionals Take the Reins

While you can certainly file the 501C3 application yourself, there are several reasons that hiring an Atlanta 501C3 lawyer from Hasson Law Group, LLP is the best choice. One of our Georgia lawyers will know that in order for your organization to be accepted as exempt it must be formed as a trust, corporation, or association. Additionally, the form must be completed very carefully, which can be a tedious process. An experienced law firm will know the legal process and be able to move through it diligently. They also understand what the questions mean that are asked throughout the form and know how to answer them appropriately. Making a mistake can prolong the overall process.

Hire Highly-Rated Legal Counsel To Help Today

If you work with an Atlanta 501C3 lawyer from Hasson Law Group, LLP then you will be able to rely on our team of lawyers to complete the process from beginning to end in a short amount of time. They can keep track of any deadlines that occur and be able to address any problems that might come along with the application process. While there are several publications available through the IRS that explain the steps and the process, they can be complicated and require a great deal of time to go through. Hiring a lawyer from Hasson Law Group, LLP will free you up from that process and ensure that the application is completed fully.

Don’t take any chances that your application for tax exemption does not get approved. Hire a 501C3 lawyer from Hasson Law Group, LLP to get you on track and to get the process rolling. Contact an Atlanta 501C3 lawyer at Hasson Law Group, LLP to discuss the topic by calling 678-701-2869.

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