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Pharmacy DEA Inspections: Protect Your Rights

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is a federal organization that oversees the prescription and sale of controlled substances. It has the authority to investigate healthcare practitioners and facilities accused of breaking its laws.

The DEA also performs regular inspections to ensure compliance with the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

If you are being investigated by the DEA and are worried that your rights are being infringed, you should seek legal counsel. The legal team at Hasson Law Group LLP in Atlanta, Georgia is well-versed in DEA regulations, including the parameters within which they must work.

Why the DEA Might Inspect a Pharmacy

The DEA can carry out audits or inspections for a variety of purposes. Reasons may include following up on a tip about prescription practices or simply conducting random inspections to guarantee compliance.

If the DEA suspects a pharmacy of unlawfully trafficking or use of controlled substances, it will launch a thorough investigation that may even include DEA agents going undercover to pose as patients.

While DEA inspections are common, infractions of the Controlled Substances Act can result in administrative action against your DEA registration. Those suspected of drug diversion may face the loss of their professional license or perhaps be prosecuted for criminal behavior.

What’s at Stake?

As mentioned previously, the DEA performs pharmacy inspections routinely, and these inspections can result in significant consequences. If the DEA discovers evidence that your pharmacy is violating the CSA’s registration requirements, your DEA registration might be suspended or revoked, rendering your pharmacy practice unable to dispense prescription medicines.

Moreover, a DEA inspection might result in civil penalties under the CSA. Certain CSA infractions can be pursued civilly, and a civil responsibility judgment can result in large monetary penalties.

Finally, DEA inspections have the potential to result in criminal charges. A conviction of drug diversion carries hefty penalties and long-term federal incarceration.

Safeguard Your Rights

The DEA’s inspection powers are limited by law; therefore, the organization does not have the jurisdiction to search the whole pharmacy practice with an administrative search warrant.

DEA agents may want to interview you or your employees. Any information you provide to the DEA might be used against you in a civil or criminal case. As a result, we highly advise you to contact our lawyers before providing communication. We can assist you in ensuring that your rights are safeguarded and that the DEA does not go beyond the boundaries of their search warrant.

Contact a DEA Inspection Attorney in Atlanta, GA

If your facility is the subject of a DEA investigation, hiring legal counsel may be a wise decision. Hasson Law Group LLP has the tools to assist you in managing all aspects of the inspection and ensuring that your license and your rights are safeguarded.

Hasson Law Group LLP has the experience you need to ensure compliance with all DEA regulations while also protecting your rights. Call (678) 701-2870 and let us provide you with sound legal counsel.

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