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Non-Solicitation Clause Disputes in Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re hiring new staff and want to ensure that your clients and customers remain your own, then you need to draft legal documents saying so. This situation warrants hiring an experienced Atlanta non-solicitation clause attorney to create a legal agreement that provides your business the security it needs as it grows. There are many reasons why you may need a non-solicitation agreement, and you want to make sure that there are no loopholes or exits from the agreement. This is where our legal expertise comes to play for our clients.

The Advantage of a Non-Solicitation Clause

When you hire one of our Atlanta non-solicitation clause attorneys, they can ask details about your business that you run. The more information that you provide them, the more detailed your legal agreement will be. This agreement can even be a combination of a non-compete agreement and a non-solicitation agreement. Our team of legal experts in non-solicitation clauses can help decide what works best for you.  

We have the necessary experience to help ensure your legal document is drafted correctly. We can create this document just for you, your business, and your staff in Atlanta. By creating this agreement, your mind can be at ease when you hire new staff.

Schedule a Free Legal Consultation in Atlanta Georgia With a Non-Solicitation Clause Attorney Today

At Hasson Law Group, LLP, we offer free legal consultations in our Atlanta law office with a non-solicitation clause disputes lawyer. During this conversation, we learn about the details of your case and answer your questions about the upcoming legal process ahead. To schedule this important consultation today, call our law office at (678) 701-2869.

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