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Medical Board Disputes: Finding the Best Representation

The medical board is a state agency that licenses doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other professionals in the health care field. When you need legal representation for a disciplinary case or appeal with the Medical Board, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in medical licensing law.

A medical board lawyer is trained to know how to protect the rights of physicians and nurses when they are being investigated by the Medical Board. They can provide legal counsel on how to avoid licensure suspensions and discipline. They can also advise physicians on how to prepare for licensure renewal and assist nurses with their license application process.

Medical board lawyers also represent doctors and nurses in hearings before the medical board. This may be necessary when there has been a complaint filed against them and they need assistance recovering their hospital privileges or state nursing license.

What Types of Medical Board Disciplinary Actions May Arise?

There are two types of disciplinary actions: administrative and disciplinary. Administrative actions are usually less stringent and do not impact a physician’s license. These include letters of reprimand, probation, and mandatory education courses. On the other hand, disciplinary actions can lead to removal from the medical board or the loss of a license to practice medicine in certain states. These include surrendering your license voluntarily, suspension from practicing for a certain period of time, or revocation from practicing any type of medicine in any state.

Physicians can maintain a good reputation by keeping up with the latest standards and regulations. This includes keeping up with new developments in their field of expertise and staying current on medical knowledge. Physicians should also be punctual, courteous, and professional during all work hours.

There are other ways to avoid disciplinary action such as participating in continuing medical education courses or volunteering for community service activities like mentoring programs for high school students interested in careers in medicine.

Should You Represent Yourself in a Medical Board Dispute?

While it may appear that representing oneself at a medical board hearing is simple, we highly encourage you to retain the services of an experienced medical board defense lawyer. You must present your case in the best possible light to demonstrate that you are competent to practice medicine.

Your legal counsel must not only understand the facts of the case at a formal hearing, but must also understand the law, as well as be able to recognize flaws in the opposing party’s argument. 

The skilled Georgia attorneys of Hasson Law Group LLP have experience working with the medical board, and we know how to resolve disputes. You can be sure that the future of your medical license is in capable hands when you choose Hasson Law Group LLP for representation.

If you have questions about a medical board dispute or complaint, contact Hasson Law Group LLP at 678-701-2869 for a consultation.

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