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Do You Need an Attorney to Handle Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Denial?

Even though insurers should pay valid homeowners’ insurance claims, our attorneys have observed occasions where companies have misconstrued claims and policies to reduce payouts or refused to pay.

At Hasson Law Group LLP, we know that these denials can have a disastrous financial effect on claimants whose homes require repairs. These complications can further be aggravated in the aftermath of tropical storms, hurricanes, and other unfortunate events because a significant number of policyholders are making claims during the same period. Our attorneys have comprehensive experience working with clients who have been cheated out of their claims or treated unethically by insurance companies. They have succeeded in recovering compensation to which our clients were owed.

If you have a homeowner’s coverage claim that has been rejected or underrated, legal action may be a feasible option. Contact us at (678)701-2869 to find out how our insurance litigation attorneys may be able to help you file a claim dispute and recover reimbursement for your damages.  

How can an attorney assist me in filing a claim dispute?

The attorneys at Hasson Law Group LLP can inspect your policy to determine your coverage and any payments the company is required to make to you. Our attorneys may conduct a vigorous examination of previous and present home inspections, audits, and other documentation on your home, which can be useful in settling your claim dispute.

We understand the frustrations and struggles that come along with dealing with an insurance company can be difficult. These companies have made the procedure of filing and collecting on insurance claims a formidable challenge, hoping that most policyholders will forsake their claims, especially after being initially rejected for compensation. We aim to clarify the process of disputing insurance claims to help ensure homeowners receive the full payment under their policies – and the amount they’re entitled to.

Does my policy cover damage?

Establishing whether the homeowner’s insurance contract covers the damage sustained is one of the most common issues introduced by insurance claim disputes.

Usually, homeowner’s insurance covers property damage (including unattached structures, personal property, and residential premises) as the outcome of unforeseen circumstances like vandalism, theft, fire, hail, and wind. However, coverage will be defined by the policyholder’s particular policy.

There are five standard residential insurance policies, every one of them covering different kinds of damage. It is crucial to bear in mind that flood insurance is not incorporated into the homeowner’s insurance and must be obtained separately. 

Why was my claim denied?

If your claim was denied, the first thing to note is that insurance companies are for-profit businesses; it is in their best interests to circumvent paying claims, to begin with. For instance, if a home is damaged, the insurance company may offer a deceptively low settlement or deny the claim altogether to bypass exhausting their financial reserves. To avoid paying claims, the insurer may try to categorize the damage as exceeding the coverage of the policy. They may try to blame the disaster on factors other than those covered by the plan, or offer a low-ball agreement should they deem it a valid, inevitable claim. 

For instance, roof damage is frequently a point of disagreement between insurers and homeowners. The homeowner will file a claim asserting that the roof was damaged by natural disasters such as wind or hail, while the insurance firm will declare the damage is a consequence of wear and tear – which is not subject to policy protection.

The contention is not uncommon in claim disputes, especially those involving water damage, fire damage, hurricane damage, storm damage, lightning damage, and mold.

Damage sustained by your home can be expensive, especially if your underwriter claims your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover the extent of the damage. If you suspect that your insurance company has unjustly offered a low-ball settlement or denied your claim outright, please contact us to find out what our team of attorneys may be able to do to assist you.

Hire an Insurance Litigation Attorney Today

We bring our prestigious large law firm and government service backgrounds to a small firm setting to offer you our extensive expertise in a personal, individualized approach where each case gets our full attention and our clients know they’re our priority. If you are struggling with an insurance policy claim, and you feel like litigation is the next course of action, you may need to hire an attorney to work on your behalf. Consulting with an attorney is the first step because an attorney will be able to tell you if litigation is necessary, and if hiring an attorney will be required to help you with the process. We welcome you to call Hasson Law Group LLP at (678) 701-2869 to speak with an expert attorney who has the experience required to help you with your insurance litigation claim today. We are proud to serve the Atlanta, Georgia area since 2013.

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