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An Insurance Litigation Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia Can Help You with Insurance Disputes

Nowadays, there are many kinds of insurance, as people insure everything from their health to real estate to travel.  There are also as many insurance regulations as there are types of insurance, and the insurance industry has gotten quite complex.  This has resulted in many conflicts and disputes, which can be difficult to resolve.  Insurance companies often hire an entire staff of personnel who are dedicated to finding ways to not pay claims, and that’s why you should call an insurance litigation law firm like the Hasson Law Group, LLP of Atlanta, Georgia if you have an insurance dispute.

Insurance Bad Faith

All insurance companies are legally obligated to evaluate insurance claims honestly and fairly.  This evaluation should also be done in a timely fashion.  The terms of coverage must be stated clearly in the policy and must be adhered to when a claim is made.  Failure to do this results in insurance bad faith, which is a breach of contract.  If you suspect that your insurance company is dragging its heels or not fairly addressing a claim you’ve made, hiring an insurance litigation attorney will give them a quick wake-up call.  The Hasson Law Group, LLP of Atlanta, Georgia can help you with your insurance dispute whether you’re an individual filing a claim, or an insurance company against whom a claim has been made.  We understand the insurance laws and can give you expert guidance.

Coverage Disputes

Insurance companies are obligated to pay those who file claims up to the maximum amount indicated in the terms of the policy.  When they fail to do so, coverage disputes often result.  Having expert legal representation can help to clarify the terms of an insurance contract so that you get the insurance compensation you deserve.

Call to Schedule a Consultation with an Insurance Litigation Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia Today

If you are facing an insurance dispute, call to schedule a consultation with an insurance litigation attorney in Atlanta, Georgia today.  The Hasson Law Group, LLP offers you experienced and expert legal advocacy for your insurance dispute.  Call us at 678-701-2869 and let us represent you.

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