Hire an Atlanta Georgia Pharmacy Board Lawyer for Your Dispute with Pharmacy Board

The mission of the Board of Pharmacy in Georgia is to protect both the safety and the health of all the residents of the state with licensing, regulation, and enforcement of the law. This board reviews all complaints submitted by consumers or other pharmacy professionals. From there, they investigate a variety of allegations including unsanitary […]

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Why Choose an Atlanta Non-Profit Lawyer?

Non-profit corporations are different from profit corporations and organizations in many ways, and the legal issues that arise can be different as well. Hiring an Atlanta non-profit lawyer from the Hasson Law Group, LLP to help with all of those issues ensures that the details are not missed. While a lawyer with corporate experience may […]

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Why Hire an Atlanta Medical Fraud Attorney?

If you and your license are in danger due to a medical fraud case, you need to seek the help of a professional medical fraud attorney from the Hasson Law Group, LLP. While you can certainly represent yourself, having a medical fraud attorney at your side will allow you to focus on other aspects of […]

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Hire a Georgia Medical License Attorney

If you are in danger of having your medical license suspended or revoked, you need to seek the advice of a Georgia medical license attorney from the Hasson Law Group, LLP immediately. The sooner you get the professionals in your corner, the better off you will be. If you are facing an investigation that could […]

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What Can a Georgia Mail Fraud Attorney Do for Me?

Mail fraud is a federal crime that involves using the United States Postal Services (USPS) to defraud others out of property, money, or services. The law has recently been expanded to include television, the internet, radio, and private carriers such as Federal Express or UPS. A conviction of mail fraud can carry fines and prison […]

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