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Protect Your License: What to Expect During a Pharmacy Board Dispute

As a pharmaceutical professional, your license is one of your most valuable assets. It is an essential part of your livelihood and future.

A dispute before the Georgia Board of Pharmacy can threaten your license. The legal professionals at Hasson Law Firm LLP will use their knowledge and experience to help you deal with a pharmacy board dispute and protect your hard-earned license.

What Disputes or Complaints May Arise Against Pharmacists? 

Being the subject of a pharmacy board dispute or investigation is a serious situation. You may be able to avoid action against your license if you address the matter promptly and appropriately. The Board of Pharmacy has the authority to suspend a pharmacist’s license if it considers the pharmacist’s actions may endanger the public’s safety or health.

Some examples of pharmacy misconduct include:

  • Permitting a non-pharmacist employee to fill a prescription or provide prescription advice to the patient
  • Failing to advise the patient on how to take a new medication and of any potential side effects
  • Filling a prescription with the incorrect medicine or dose
  • Neglecting to keep the patient’s prescription information confidential
  • Failure to keep the pharmacy clean and tidy
  • Entering incorrect information on the medicine label
  • Swapping generic and brand-name drugs without informing the patient
  • Refilling a prescription without the prescribing physician’s permission
  • Filling a prescription with an expired medication

Pharmacy Board Dispute: The Investigation Process

When the pharmacy board receives a complaint, the inquiry procedure normally begins.

State investigators undertake a preliminary inquiry before taking official action against the pharmacy licensee. The inquiry can be dismissed if the Board of Pharmacy does not find probable cause during the inquiry or investigation.

As part of their right to due process, the pharmacist is entitled to a hearing.

The pharmacist will receive a call or letter from the investigator asking for a meeting regarding the dispute. Before the investigator seeks to submit a formal complaint against your pharmacist license, you usually have a brief window of opportunity to answer the investigator’s request for a meeting.

Pharmacists frequently talk with investigators with the goal of setting matters straight. Their statements, however, are eventually used against them. Therefore, we highly encourage you to talk with one of our attorneys skilled in handling pharmacy board disputes before interacting with the investigator.

How Can an Experienced License Attorney Help in a Pharmacy Board Dispute?

Our attorneys have experience working with the pharmacy board—we know how to resolve investigations. We can present your case in the best light possible. Even if the complaint is without merit, we can talk with the investigator on your behalf to show that the charges are false and that your activities were compliant with the law.

Getting through this process can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you have received notice of a pending license board action or have recently been contacted by the board, we can help. The attorneys at Hasson Law Group LLP are familiar with averting the loss of your license due to a pharmacy board dispute.

If you are in the middle of a pharmacy board dispute or complaint, contact Hasson Law Group LLP at 678-701-2869 for a consultation.

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