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Lender Liability and Guarantee Litigation in Atlanta, GA

Lender liability and guarantee litigation often refer to a situation in which the borrower uses the lender for not fulfilling its obligations under the loan contract. In these cases, the borrower may seek damages from the lender, such as compensation for the loan’s lost equity and interest payments.

Lender liability and guarantee litigation can be confusing, especially when you are unfamiliar with the terminology. It is important to get help from an attorney who knows the ins and outs of this area of law so that the best possible outcome can be reached for your case.

Lender Liability and Guarantee Litigation: Example Situations

Lender liability and guarantee litigation arise in a variety of situations, for example:

  • When a lender has failed to properly screen a borrower for creditworthiness
  • When a lender has made false or misleading statements about the terms of a loan
  • When a lender has failed to provide disclosures required by law
  • When a lender fails to comply with its stated terms and conditions, including any promises made at application time

How Can a Liability and Guarantee Litigator Help If You’ve Been Harmed?

A liability and guarantee litigator can help resolve these types of cases. The attorney will know the law as it relates to these types of cases and will help you understand the legal issues involved and work to help you get compensated.

A liability and guarantee litigator can help in a variety of ways, including:

  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf
  • Reviewing documents and evidence to determine if there are grounds for filing suit
  • Investigating whether other parties might be liable for the damages suffered by your client
  • Negotiating with other parties so that they will accept responsibility for paying damages

How Can a Liability and Guarantee Litigator Defend a Company That Has Been Accused of Wrongdoing?

On the other hand, when a firm has been accused of wrongdoing in lending, it can be challenging to ascertain who is at fault and how to proceed with a defense.

Fortunately, there are ways to defend your company. One method involves hiring a liability and guarantee litigator to help you navigate the legal process.

A liability and guarantee litigator can help you by:

  • Assessing the case against you
  • Explaining your options for defense
  • Negotiating with the prosecution to reach an agreement that allows you to resolve the case without going through lengthy court proceedings

Contact Skilled Atlanta Lender Liability and Guarantee Litigation Attorneys at Hasson Law Group, LLP

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