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How an ERISA Litigation Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia Can Help

The acronym ERISA stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which is legislation that was passed in 1974 to protect the rights of those who have private pension plans as part or all of their retirement income.  Administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, this act sets minimum standards for various retirement income plans.  All who employ others and offer such plans, as well as those who rely upon them for retirement income, must understand how this law protects them, but that’s not an easy task.  That’s why it’s good to know the name of an ERISA litigation law firm like the Hasson Law Group, LLP of Atlanta, Georgia.

ERISA Is a Complex Legal Specialty

The disputes and conflicts that can arise regarding pension and retirement plans are almost unlimited and can vary as much as the different employers and individuals involved in the plans.  However, there’s usually a lot of money at stake in all of them.  Understanding the legal principles that regulate pension plans and similar financial services is the work of a lifetime and is a complex legal specialty.  If you’re having a conflict or dispute over an employee’s retirement benefits, it’s a mistake to try and go it alone.  The Hasson Law Group, LLP of Atlanta, Georgia understands the fiduciary duties of those who offer retirement plans and can give you the legal advice you need.

Types of ERISA Litigation

In general, it’s safe to say that nearly all types of ERISA litigation involve who should pay money to whom.  Conflicts arise over entitlement to benefits, over government investigations, and over the interpretation of the plans themselves.  It’s crucial to enter such a conflict with skilled legal representation to maximize the chances of a fair result.

Call to Schedule a Consultation with an ERISA Litigation Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia Today

If you are facing a dispute regarding retirement benefit plans, call to schedule a consultation with an ERISA litigation attorney in Atlanta, Georgia today.  The ERISA legal specialists at the Hasson Law Group of Atlanta, Georgia will use their knowledge and experience to serve you best.  Call us at 678-701-2869 and let us give you the guidance you need.

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