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Denied Insurance Claim Disputes Can Be Resolved by a Claim Dispute Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

We buy insurance to protect us financially from events that we were not expecting.  When those unexpected events arise, we’re counting on that insurance company to come through and honor the claims we make.  Unfortunately, however, insurance companies are profit-making institutions that hire personnel whose entire careers are devoted to figuring out ways to not pay claims or to pay less than what the insured party is entitled to.  As a result, disputes are bound to arise.  When they do, an insurance claim dispute attorney is the person you should call.  The Hasson Law Group, LLP of Atlanta, Georgia can help you resolve your denied insurance claim dispute.

When the Insurance Company Stalls

Insurance companies have a legal duty to fully investigate your insurance claim and respond to it in a timely fashion.  The longer they wait, and the longer you let it go, the more likely it is that you will not get a fair settlement.  If you have filed a claim with an insurance company and their response is delayed, hiring legal representation is probably your best move.  You need a skilled insurance lawyer who has experience with denied claims like the ones you’ll find at the Hasson Law Group, LLC of Atlanta, Georgia.

Do Not Accept a Low Settlement Amount

All too often, an insurance company will offer you a settlement amount that is less than what you are fully entitled to according to the terms of the insurance contract.  They’re hoping you’ll accept the first settlement amount they offer just to end the hassle, so you can move on with your life.  Accepting the first offer is often a mistake.  If you hire an insurance claim dispute attorney, your chances of getting a better settlement are greatly increased.

Call to Schedule a Consultation with a Denied Insurance Claim Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia Today

If you have filed a claim with your insurance company and it has been denied, call to schedule a consultation with a denied insurance claim attorney in Atlanta, Georgia today.  The Hasson Law Group, LLC and its professional legal staff will use their experience to fight for your rights.  Call us at 678-701-2869 and let us be your advocates.

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