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Placing the pieces of your business and your life back together.
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Professional Representation. One Client at a Time.
We analyze your unique legal situation, allowing us to prepare the most effective strategy possible for your case.
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Unexpected Issues Require Unquestionable Results.
When the domino's begin to fall against you, Hasson Law Group has the knowledge, experience, and reputation to shield you and your business.
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The Hasson Law Group LLP

About Us

The Hasson Law Group, LLP, is an Atlanta, GA law firm dedicated to two principal practice areas: (1) winning high stakes disputes in the areas of business litigation, insurance recovery, and complex criminal defense, and (2) tax, corporate and regulatory law mechanisms affecting family businesses, tax-exempt organizations and the individuals who support or serve them.

We are a small firm with the experience, skill and effectiveness of the bigger firms, but with a dedication to personal service that can be missing with the large firms. All of our lawyers have top academic credentials and have honed their skills at either large, prestigious law firms or in government service prior to joining Hasson Law Group, LLP.

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Meet The Team

Keith S Hasson

A former prosecutor and litigator with extensive trial experience, Keith’s practice focuses primarily on complex civil litigation, insurance recovery and insurance bad faith litigation, and white collar criminal defense. His experience includes litigating criminal and civil cases at the trial and appellate levels, defending individuals and companies in civil and criminal investigations, criminal prosecutions and regulatory disputes.

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James Hasson

Jim Hasson has joined the firm begun by his son, Keith, to pursue a vision of a better arrangement for the service of family businesses, tax-exempt organizations and the individuals and organizations that enable these businesses and non-profit organizations to function. Jim has moved his practice to Hasson Law Group, LLP, to design a more efficient and effective means for providing much-needed legal services to these organizations.

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Michael O’Neill

Mike has represented businesses and their owners in the Atlanta area since 1995, specializing in matters involving breach of contract, fraud, partnership disputes, banking, regulatory enforcement, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, insurance coverage, real estate, and collections.

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Jasama Barr

Jas is a South Carolina native who moved to Atlanta in August 2013. Jas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina and a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University.

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Jessica Almonte

Jessica Almonte – a New Jersey native, has been working in the law area since 2003. She has a degree in Accounting and Paralegal studies and obtained a Paralegal Certification, from Gwinnett College, Jessica has been working with Hasson Law Group since its inception in 2013. Over 13 years, Jessica has become familiar with the details of civil litigation, family, criminal, and personal injury law.

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Kristi Stathopoulos

Kristi Stathopoulos joined our firm in October of 2018 to strengthen and expand our services to business and tax-exempt organizations, primarily in the legal fields of taxation, business transactions, tax controversies, and entertainment law. Building on her prior experiences with other law firms (including Jones Day), a Fortune 50 company (United Parcel Service, Inc.)

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Mariana Melendez

Mariana Melendez was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Puerto Rico. In her search for a new challenge, Mariana moved to Georgia for law school. She earned her Juris Doctor with honors from Emory University School of Law in 2017. She was a member of Emory Law’s Mock Trial Society and was awarded most professional at the National Ethics Trial Competition in 2017.

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Hasson Law Group Selected as Best Law Firm by US News’ Best Lawyers

The Hasson Law Group has been selected for inclusion in the prestigious US News & World Report  Best Lawyers list of Best Lawyers in the Atlanta Metro in three separate law categories:

  • Best Law Firm for Tax Law (Tier 1)
  • Best Law Firm for Non Profit / Charities Law (Tier 1)
  • Best Law Firm for Business Litigation / Taxes (Tier 3)

The US News – Best Lawyers “Best Law Firm” rankings are based on a rigorous process that consists of client feedback, information provided on the Law Firm Survey and the Law Firm Leaders Survey and Best Lawyers peer-review.

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Today. Tomorrow. Growing Together.
Hasson Law Group believes in investing in our cities future. We lend hands to those who needs it most. Bridging you and your business dreams together. and your business.
The Hasson Law Group Difference

The Hasson Law Group regularly represents companies, business owners, and professionals, helping them to resolve business and complex commercial disputes in an efficient and cost effective manner.  Our team of experienced trial lawyers has experience resolving matters through alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, and regularly litigates disputes in State and Federal Court.

As a working professional, certain legal issues can severely damage not only your reputation but also your ability to preform your work. Those of us with certain licenses and or professions have dedicated a significant portion of our lives to our work. Our education, business, livelihood, and reputation can be drastically damaged when legal issues arise. It is for this reason that our firm aggressively defends our client.

Our lawyers have assisted companies, officers and directors, and licensed professionals in government investigations and false claims act litigation, and have been called upon to conduct independent internal investigations on behalf of clients. Experience in handling complex disputes and skills developed through conducting factual investigations in a wide variety of business contexts enable us to respond quickly and effectively to potentially harmful situations.

We are often called upon by larger firms to represent individual officers and directors in the context of a larger investigation into alleged corporate wrongdoing. Through these experiences, we know how to coordinate with corporate counsel to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected while minimizing all parties’ exposure to regulators, prosecutors and private plaintiffs.

The Hasson Law Group regularly represents policy holders in disputes with their insurance companies. We understand the complexities of insurance coverage law, and if your insurance company refuses to honor its obligations or denies a claim in bad faith, we stand ready to help you recover. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients. 

Complex Litigation requires “outside of the box” thinking. No legal case is exactly alike, each provide their own sets or pros and cons. By spending significant time with each client, we are able to analyze your potion. This provides our attorneys with the data and information to strategically plan the best course of action to protect your interest.

As we navigate our professional and personal lives, we slowly realize how complicated time management can be. For those of us that have chosen a professional route, either as attorneys, medical professionals, or business owners, we have made the decision to dedicate ourselves to two parts. Our work and our life.

More often then not, our “work” becomes part of our life. Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worse. Unfortunately, regardless of how well we prepare ourselves, issues arise sometimes. In the professional world when these issues involve legality, issues can quickly turn into road block for our business.

Hasson Law Group focuses on these types of cases. They are unique, usually very complex, and most of all, the outcome will have a permanent impact not just on your business, but on your life.

Your Business. Your Family. You work hard to provide for both. You’ve dedicated decades to nurturing both. The future of your company and your lineage depends upon it. But who protects you? Who is investing time into your needs and the needs of your business?

Hasson Law Group provides multiple legal services that assist with shielding the assets of your business, as well as your personal wealth, from issues that can arise without warning.  For nearly five decades the partners of Hasson Law Group have made it a priority to protect their clients with the best offense, a solid legal defense. It is far wiser to be “proactive” then “reactive”. Waiting until a problem looms on the horizon is not fruitful. Meet with our Legal Advisors to discuss a strategic plan for your business and your personal assets.

Hasson Law Group knows that for future generations to prosper, one must provide fuel for their dreams. Therefore, our firm gives back to the great city of Atlanta, as well as to the state of Georgia. From Tax-Exempt projects to Non-Profit work, our firm provides a bridge for those who aim for the stars yet lack the ability to get off the ground.

What We Do

We handle the full range of dispFFutes an entrepreneur, senior executive, or small, medium or large business might encounter. Discover More.

It is possible that you will run into a situation where you may ask yourself if you need an attorney in Atlanta. While there are situations in life where you may be able to represent yourself without the aid of an attorney, there are also some situations where the assistance of an attorney from Hasson Law Group LLP can go a long way. Perhaps they can even make the difference between winning or losing your case. As an example, if you're defending your professional license, having one of our experienced attorneys on your side who can teach you the ins and outs of the law can be valuable. If you have not already consulted one of our Georgia lawyers and you are facing this type of situation, it may be time that you consider contacting the Hasson Law Group LLP. Although it is true that an attorney is not necessary for every situation, it is likely that you do not possess the legal knowledge or experience to represent yourself in this type of matter. If you are presently trying to defend your professional license, being represented by one of our skilled attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia is essential. There are many situations where it is simply imperative that you have the right representation, and you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to find an attorney who can afford you that type of advocacy and peace of mind, so make sure you consider it.

Our attorneys specialize in a certain area of law. There are many areas of law, where you will want to choose an attorney who has specialized in this particular area if you want to get the results that you were looking for. For example, if you are looking for professional license representation, you want to be represented by someone who has chosen to specialize in it. This is because you will have someone who has put in extra time, training and passion into the specific area of law that you need assistance with. There is no doubt that you are passionate about your professional license, and you should work with an attorney who is just as passionate about helping you maintain and maintain that license. One of our primary goals is to put in the extra time and training necessary to specialize in the areas of law that we practice in, meaning that we can give you the highest level of service possible.

We believe that this is especially important when it comes to something like professional license representation, because it is your license that is on the line, and so it is your future that is on the line.

Both pharmacies and pharmacists are both heavily regulated, and as such, they are subject to a great deal of different state and federal regulations and laws for them to function. To address the prescription drug epidemic, these laws and regulations have been evolving, and the Federal and state governments have been creating even more laws and changing the laws too. Also, there are a great many enforcement actions that are coming about as a result, because there is increased monitoring for controlled substances as well as an increase in funding for enforcement agencies to combat this epidemic. Because pharmacists and pharmacies are struggling to keep up with all the regulations and laws, there are a wide variety of pharmacy licensing issues that can occur.

Whether you’ve run into a licensing issue or believe that you might in the future, it is important that you know who you can turn to. Having an attorney at your side who can handle pharmacy licensing issues is important because you do not want to wait until the last minute. If you suddenly find out that there’s an enforcement action against you, you may find that you have little time to act. If you have already spoken with an attorney who is well versed in pharmacy licensing issues, then you will already know what to do and who to call if something like this ever comes up. This is where we come in at Hasson Law Group LLP.  

Pharmacy board disputes are unfortunately quite common in today’s world especially when you consider that the prescription drug epidemic is growing. In response, the reins are being tightened on pharmacies, pharmacists and other people who regularly handle prescribed medications. If you are presently coming under fire for a pharmacy-related issue, or if you fear that 

you may, who will you turn to? Someone who handles this type of matter on a regular basis is going to be your ideal bet for several reasons. Primarily, however, you should simply consider that they have experience with the bureaucratic and administrative hearings that will surely follow and can walk you through the process, giving you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

Having someone in your corner who is no stranger to this legal process will be invaluable. Nobody should ever go through a strenuous legal process alone, and this is no exception. If there’s a chance that your license is going to be on the line, why would you risk going through the process alone when there are skilled, talented attorneys who specialize in just this type of law? Allow us to help you get through any pharmacy board disputes that you run into while working through settlements or hearings so that you can maintain your licensure and move on with your career. You shouldn’t have to worry about your future in this industry, so let us put our experience and training to work for you.

Another area where you simply cannot go to court without assistance is white collar crimes. White collar crime issues can be quite serious, and you should not attempt to have your day in court without adequate representation. From the first time you consult with your new attorney, you will be building an important relationship that is about more than just providing a mouthpiece for you in court. One of our expert lawyers will also be providing you with a shield in court, advocating for you and protecting you in court, and a weapon, which is a wealth of legal knowledge beyond what you probably possess. Throughout this entire process, we will be able to provide you with valuable peace of mind, by consistently answering your questions and responding to your concerns. No matter what type of issue you are going through, having an attorney will be invaluable in helping you achieve success. Perhaps one of the best reasons to have a quality attorney advocating for you is that they will not judge you for whatever you are going through, they will simply advocate for you during this stressful time in your life. Your attorney is going to be on your side even when you are dealing with a criminal legal issue because that attorney’s sole purpose is to zealously advocate for you. There will not be anyone else in the courtroom or in the situation who is fighting for your side the way an attorney will, so why would you risk not having that type of advocacy when it truly matters?

If you have been accused of Medicare fraud, regardless of whether you have done anything wrong, you need to understand what your legal rights are and what your legal options are. Nobody is going to know what the answers are better than a lawyer who is well versed not only in the law but also in the specifics of Medicare laws and regulations. This is a heavily regulated area of medicine and practitioners can find themselves in trouble simply by not dotting the right I’s or crossing the right T’s. If you end up in a bureaucratic nightmare because of a regulation you didn’t understand, or a law that changed unbeknownst to you, you will be glad that you had a Medicare fraud attorney on your side to walk you through it. Don’t risk losing your license and putting your entire career in jeopardy simply because of all the red tape that you must work with within this industry. There are lawyers who specialize in exactly this type of work, and the right attorney will be able to help you so that you can get back to work. There is no reason why you cannot restore your license, restore your name and get back to work by clearing up whatever issues exist. However, the administrative process involved can be daunting to maneuver on your own, and you will be glad that you didn’t do it alone after you hire expert legal help.

The purpose of an insurance recovery attorney is to represent a party in an insurance policy related dispute. Typically, both parties are represented in such an action, or rather, both parties should be represented in such an action. It is likely that the insurance company will be represented because corporate insurance companies always have an attorney, either on staff or on retainer, so it is important that as the policyholder you are also represented to protect your interest. No matter the reason for malpractice insurance, you are going to want to make sure that you have representation by an attorney in an insurance recovery situation. These types of disputes can come down to essential settlements where having someone argue or advocate on your behalf will be imperative.

It should be clear by now that there are many different areas of regulatory law where having an attorney can benefit you significantly. Attorneys are not only beneficial to a client in criminal and civil matters, but there are also a wealth of situations where parties run afoul of the regulatory system. Many times people simply need someone to advocate for them when appealing a decision to a higher administrative power. If you are looking for legal assistance in a regulatory law capacity, sit down with an attorney who can set your mind at ease and answer the questions and concerns that you have by contacting the Hasson Law Group LLP.

At the Hasson Law Group LLP, you can find an attorney who will meet your needs in a wide variety of different practice areas from professional license representation to complex business litigation, white collar crimes to Medicare fraud. We are constantly honing our skills and broadening our understanding of these complex legal topics so we can better serve our clients throughout the Atlanta area. Depending on the type of advocacy that you are looking for, our firm will match you with the most experienced and skilled attorney in that area and will make sure that you feel comfortable having your needs met before you leave our office. Give us a call today at (678) 701-2869 so we can match you with one of our top attorneys in the area that you are seeking assistance in. Call to find out more about everything that the Hasson Law Group LLP can do for you.

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