Client Recommendations:

“When I found myself a victim of corporate fraud and the target of a multi-million dollars lawsuit brought by a Fortune 500 Company, I turned to Keith for help.  With hard work, skill, and perseverance, he and his team got me out of trouble and negotiated a favorable resolution. I’d hire them again in a minute!”

                                                  —W.C., president of a small business 

“Keith and Mike know how to get results! Their presentation of my case to an arbitrator was masterful, and I am very pleased with what they have been able to accomplish for me.”

                                                  — L.C., minority owner of a restaurant franchise

“I have had the opportunity to work with many lawyers in Atlanta. Keith and Mike are some of the best around. They are always looking for a way to resolve disputes efficiently, but aren’t afraid to fight when a case need to be litigated. I highly recommend them.”

                                                  —S.W., in-house counsel

“Mr. Hasson is honest and to the point. He lets you know where you stand and the possibilities for your case. He didn’t waste my time and always looked out for my best interest. After my case was over he checked in with me to make sure I understood everything and informed me on what to do as well as when to get back in touch with him so he can complete more requests with my case in the future.”

                                                  —M.R., government employee 

“I owned a very valuable piece of land on Peachtree St. in Atlanta. A big Atlanta bank had taken my loan over from a failed bank. They had two well-known law firms trying to steal my property on a technicality. I had a recommendation from another one of my attorneys for Keith Hasson. Keith was able to back down a large bank with unlimited resources hell bent on stealing my property, and negotiated a settlement that gave me my property back plus forgiveness of a loan worth several million dollars. My family and I are grateful to Keith and his firm for all their hard work and persistence in this matter.”

                                                  —G.R., real estate developer

“Keith is simply great counsel, particularly for anyone being sued for the first time. His ability to translate complex legal terminology into actionable items is extraordinary, and his ability to predict the moves of “the other side” and take pre-emptive action is simply amazing. Hire this man if you want to win your case.”

                                                 —S.F., owner of an I.T. company

“When the State Board sought to sanction my professional license, I literally did not know where to turn. A friend put me in touch with Keith, and with his help, I was able to get all misconduct charges dismissed!”

                                                  —Confidential, Atlanta medical doctor

Keith represented my company in a very complex litigation against a $750 million per year company. He was sensitive to my company’s situation. He did an outstanding job, never hesitated when going up against one of the largest law firms in the state, and won with what I consider great style and honor. I cannot recommend him and his firm enough. I will always use them in the future.

                                                  —K.H., real estate investor

“Keith not only did a fantastic job of preparing and presenting my case at trial, but he saved my bacon by talking me into a high/low agreement that saved my bacon with an unpredictable jury.”

                                                  —S.G., small business owner