Hire a Business Insurance Litigation Attorney

When you are facing potential litigation with your insurance company over coverage for your business, hiring a qualified business insurance litigation attorney from Hasson Law Group, LLP is essential to your success. You will want to be sure that the Georgia attorney that you hire has the experience necessary to […]

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Hire a Georgia Lawyer for HealthCare License Defense

The Georgia Composite Medical Board regulates, through state licensing boards, a variety of healthcare professionals such as dentists, physicians, and chiropractors. Healthcare professionals cannot afford action against their licenses as it could jeopardize current employment or the ability to get a job in the future. A healthcare license defense attorney […]

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ERISA Litigation

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or better known as ERISA is the federal law that set the minimum standards for pension plans and rules as well as the income taxes effect on transactions that arise from employee benefit plans. This can be a complex issue that is […]

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