Selected Results obtained by our lawyers at their current or former firms:

• Attorneys at the Hasson Law Group, LLP collected 100% of a $719,000 judgment entered against an Atlanta based nursing home investor and restauranteur. After a borrower defaulted on a loan to the firm’s client which had been used to finance the purchase of a retirement facility, the Hasson Law Group filed suit against the borrower and guarantors, obtained summary judgment against all Defendants for the full amount of the debt plus interest and attorney’s fees, and then collected every penny of the money owed to its client on that judgment.

• After the owner of several auto parts stores in Kentucky was sued by a Fortune 500 company for over two million dollars in debts allegedly owed, the client hired the Hasson Law Group to defend him and to assert counterclaims for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. After months of hard fought litigation, including numerous depositions and extensive motions practice, the Firm was able to negotiate a confidential settlement to resolve the matter.

• The Hasson Law Group represented a minority member in a limited liability company which owned and operated several restaurants as part of a national franchise system. The majority owner attempted to squeeze out the client and pay him nothing for his interest in the company. Through a heavily contested arbitration proceeding, the Firm obtained fair compensation for the client for his interest in the business.

• Our lawyers pursued tort claims, including breach of fiduciary duty, against a major national bank on behalf of a private banking customer after the bank knowingly withheld pertinent information regarding a potential real estate deal from our client. After a week-long arbitration proceeding, our lawyers obtained an award of over two million dollars for the client.

• After a bank wrongfully foreclosed on a valuable tract of commercial property on Peachtree Street in Midtown Atlanta without giving notice to the owner, our lawyers filed suit against the bank. After hard fought litigation, the defendant bank presented a settlement package to our client on the eve of trial worth over twelve million dollars, including return of the property to our client.

• Our lawyers successfully defended a limited partner in a real estate investment company against claims brought against him individually in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. The Plaintiff, a large construction company, had obtained a judgment that, with interest, exceeded seven million dollars against a subsidiary of the limited liability partnership in which the client was a limited partner. Our lawyers were hired when the Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the client seeking to hold him personally liable for the subsidiary’s debt through claims of veil piercing and fraudulent conveyance. Our lawyers convinced the Court to dismiss all claims against the client through a motion for summary judgment, and the client did not have to pay a single penny to the plaintiff.

• When an Atlanta based I.T. company was sued by a former joint venture partner (owned by the government of Trinidad & Tobago), the client’s Errors and Omissions (“E&O”) carrier refused to provide a defense, forcing the client to incur over half a million dollars defending itself in the underlying lawsuit. After assisting the client resolve the underlying suit, our lawyers filed suit against the E&O carrier to recover the costs of defending the underlying suit. After successfully persuading the Court that the insurance company had breached its duty to defend the client in the underlying litigation, the case settled for a confidential amount.

• Our lawyers successfully represented a business in a dispute with its general commercial liability carrier arising out of the long term use of an environmental contaminant in the regular course of business, which was released into the environment, exposing the business to potential claims from surrounding property owners and requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars in soil and water remediation. After the insurance carrier refused to provide coverage for the loss, we filed suit and were able to obtain a substantial recovery for the client.

• Our lawyers represented a minority stakeholder in a healthcare services company in a fraud and breach of fiduciary duty dispute against the majority owner of the company. At a mediation held two weeks after we filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client, the majority owner agreed to buy out our client’s interest in the business on terms that were extremely favorable to our client.

• Our lawyers successfully defended a minority business owner against claims that he violated the terms of a non-compete agreement. The case was dismissed after our lawyers convinced the court to deny injunctive relief to our client’s former employer.

Important Notice: Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome and depend on the facts of each matter.