The Criminal Target on Compounding Pharmacists Becomes Larger

At HLG, we have given close attention during the past year to the regulatory challenges faced by compounding pharmacies in this new era of FDA oversight. However, in recent weeks, it has become starkly evident that compounding pharmacists are, also, squarely in the prosecutorial sights of the DOJ. At HLG, our professional focus is on legal representation in business litigation and administrative proceedings, such as FDA inspections. However, we also have years of experience in the defense of parties charged with business-related crimes. For this reason, our most recent postings have discussed what we believe to be a dramatic uptick in prosecutorial activity directed at compounding pharmacies. (more…)

NECP: The Industry’s Lesson

In the last days of June, the final chapter of the New England Compounding Pharmacy (NECP) story unfolded in the Boston federal courtroom of Judge Richard G. Stearns. Barry J. Cadden, the head pharmacist and former co-owner of NECP was sentenced to nine (9) years in federal prison. As we previously reported on this website, Cadden was convicted earlier this spring on federal fraud and racketeering charges arising from an outbreak of fungal meningitis and related infections, which has been described as among the worst recent public health crises in the United States. (more…)